Christmas Day


Christmas 2009! It came so quick and has gone by so quick! I have had a pleasant day at home trying out new recipes, enjoying good food and being around John and Josh.

Looking forward to being able to sleep in for the next 2 days. Then back to work for 3, but off for 4 again!

Hope everyone out there is having a good day too!


Film Class


John and I had the good fortune of going to our local community college and taking a History (albeit brief) of Movies from 1893 to 1950 with a great instructor named Frako. We learned a ton, wrote 3 papers including writing your own movie and more. Can’t wait to take more classes! I made this small altered book for her as a thank you. It is 3″ x3″ made from stuff I have around. I wrapped it in a page from the Pacific Film Archive catalog with Otto Preminger movies featured.

Anatomy of a Christmas Card


Hello All,

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog at least 3x per week. I’m starting early! I begun my creation of my Christmas cards back in October. The challenge to myself was to create the cards from virtually everything I already had at home. And Lord knows that I have enough at home for several crafters! I saw an example of the card on another card making website and “altered” it a bit…as usual.

Step One: Cut manila folders into 1″ x 2″ tags, then tea dye them overnight and let dry.

tea dying manilla tags

Step Ten: Well, there were many more steps on the way, but let’s just say, lots of mundane things were done to the tags: punch a hole, insert eyelet, colored ribbon, distress them some by wrinkling them up, etc., attach 1″ clip art, assemble card by attaching holiday papers, then vellum envelopes to the front, stamp JOY with black stays on ink, print out greeting in the inside and rubber stamp trees and stars, add glitter. This is why I started this project in October. Although it sounds like a ton of work, it was so much fun. I love the tactile feel of creating things.

Halloween Haunted House


I am in a swap on the Alpha Stamps group…..use the chipboard house shaped like a house…create 7 different “pages” on a Halloween theme. Then send them off to one person, who will be receiving all the pages from other artists and I will be receiving 7 different pages.

I had so much fun creating these…no two alike, cool images, love the embellishments I was able to find. Enjoy!

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary…


Oh my goodness! I happened to see a segment on DIY about using a dollhouse door on the cover of the an altered book that really opens and closes!

I searched hard for a dollhouse door that was just the right thing for a Halloween/Edgar Allen Poe themed altered book. I chose the poem, “The Raven” and thought the dollhouse door would be perfect!

Step 1:

Find the right book with the right dimensions for the door and has the right look, feel and possibilities for the theme of “The Raven”. Found! A dictionary that is sturdy and will hold up well to my collage, mixed media etc. Plus I love the finger tabs on the right and the possibility of highlighting words in the dictionary that go along with the poem.

Step 2:

Varnish the door so that the stain will not soak into the wood. Done that!

I hope to document the progress of this project from beginning to end.

The Raven Project

The Raven Project