Well folks, it’s 2012!


Hello Followers,

Thank you for following me even when I have been long remiss in posting. 2012, I have so much hope for you! 2011 was a wild roller coaster ride. J was ill for almost 3 months. Then family illnesses that literally sapped the energy and vigor out of me.

I have made a promise to myself to do something artsy/craftsy every day. So far, day 2, I have done it…I’m batting 1000! I am making a promise to myself to take care of Sue, everyday, not let life get in the way all the time….

Next time, I will upload new pictures of projects I am working on…including a mixed media post card swap and a new altered book for the upcoming Marin Museum of Contemporary Art Altered Book Show in April. I have been doing a lot of brain storming and came up with my theme….don’t want to reveal too much, but the theme is “Night”. And…I am making my own book this year with signatures, book boards and more. It’s a big challenge but I feel up to it.

What I have learned in 2011 was to never try to force my round peg into a square hole. It has always backfired on me….I think I finally get it! I learned to set up boundaries that are comfortable for me and never back down if someone or something wants me to. I am still a work in progress….until next time,



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  1. Sue, I’m so glad you are back and making some art. I sent you a post card and it came back. Perhaps I don’t have the right address. Anyway, I’ll be watching your new work here. Hugs, Janene

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