What a long strange trip it’s been…


“Leapin’ lizards…” said Little Orphan Annie in the comic strips…I am in total alignment with this. These past 3 months since the beginning of the year have been intense, immense and life changing! We bought a new to us car and moved to a smaller house, all within 1 month’s time…and at the beginning of the month, we had no idea we would be doing this!

Wowee zowee…having to downsize is freeing but crazy at the same time! We took bags, boxes and any other container we could find of clothes, stuff and anything else we could find to charities in the area. We had haulers come and take stuff away, we dumped, gave away to friends and anyway else we could get rid of the excess, but still it took 13 hours to move only .25 mile away. And, we still have stuff around that will not fit into our tiny unit in our 4plex. Don’t get me wrong…I loved getting rid of the stuff, but it was soooooooo much work! Ugh! I don’t want to go there anytime soon again.

The good thing…we have a new to us 2006 Toyota Corolla and are saving nearly $400 per month on the rent. That rocks my world.

Now onto the best stuff…my artwork! I am still finding bits and pieces of craft materials everywhere! I don’t have my art table set up and as a matter of fact, we can’t fit our dining room table in our new place. So…we are trying to manage as best as we can until we find the perfect table/chairs for the room. I had the opportunity to go to a crop this weekend and got some good craft time in… I am in a Peter Rabbit ATC swap, so I created a little book or Peter Rabbit, with 4 atcs. Hope my partner will like this! Click on the pictures to get a close up of these pages. I am making a promise to myself to get busy with my art and blog again. These are things that truly make me happy!


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  1. Sue, I’ve been wondering where you were in your life recently. Glad to see your post and know you are well and things are falling into place. Hope to see you again before long. Hugs, Janene

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