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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary…


Oh my goodness! I happened to see a segment on DIY about using a dollhouse door on the cover of the an altered book that really opens and closes!

I searched hard for a dollhouse door that was just the right thing for a Halloween/Edgar Allen Poe themed altered book. I chose the poem, “The Raven” and thought the dollhouse door would be perfect!

Step 1:

Find the right book with the right dimensions for the door and has the right look, feel and possibilities for the theme of “The Raven”. Found! A dictionary that is sturdy and will hold up well to my collage, mixed media etc. Plus I love the finger tabs on the right and the possibility of highlighting words in the dictionary that go along with the poem.

Step 2:

Varnish the door so that the stain will not soak into the wood. Done that!

I hope to document the progress of this project from beginning to end.

The Raven Project

The Raven Project