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Happy Sunny Sunday!


birthday cardA perfectly beautiful Sunday here in the East Bay! I am going to a birthday party for a very sweet 6 year old girl this afternoon…I made this card for her and am looking forward to her enjoying her party.

I have been to trillions of children’s birthday parties and have always imagined how overwhelmed they must feel when they are presented with dozens of presents…I did something a little differently.  I made the gift certificate so she can enjoy something after the party, going out for (a 6 year old’s gourmet) lunch at McDonald’s, painting a ceramic piece at a studio and having frozen yogurt or ice cream afterwards.


gift certificate


Calaveras County


There is something so relaxing, beautiful and memorable as a visit to Calaveras County. It’s about 2.5 hours from here, in the Sierras. John and I went for the weekend for a long overdue and anticipated weekend away. We love to beautiful starry nights, majestic scenery and the quiet sounds of nature. 

I worked on my book about time, enjoyed being outdoors and spending 48 hours with just John and Maynard.

Maynard enjoyed himself p-mailing all the wildlife, reading/smelling blog posts left by others and responding to them by scratching, etc.

We ate great food and had time to sit and have a picnic in the shade, sit by Murphy’s Creek and enjoy the fantastic weather.

Enjoy the photos. First one is from the North Fork of the Stanislaus river in Calaveras Big Trees. I loved the look and sound of the water as we looked over the bridge!Butterfly exhibit at Calaveras Big TreesNo. Fork of the Stanislaus River

New artwork


I am in a swap where the challenge is: make 3 ATC size books about anything from the kitchen sink to zebras or anything else you might think of…I made these 3 books….2 1/2 ” by 3 1/2″ . I will send these off and receive 2 back.

I was at a crop a few weeks ago when I was making these and a lady said to me, “How do you know that you will not get something crummy back in the mail to you?” I thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know that I won’t get something crummy, but it has been my experience that I when I am in a swaps like this, I have never been disappointed by the quality of  art by the other artists. And it is a big leap of faith, too!” Enjoypages one and twoBook One, Front cover...only it's sideways, oh well

Book Twoscan0010pages three and four



Anniversary Card


front of cardinside detail

There is something so gratifying to me when I create some of my artwork and comes out even better than I thought  it would. I found instructions for this card online at and then created it for John for our anniversary, 8/9!

How have 29 years gone by so fast? Wow! It hardly seems possible that I have known this person for more than 1/2 my life. Yeah, have there been ups and downs…sure…like any relationship. There are many truths to this relationship….I know I have John’s undying support, love and care. I am truly lucky to have found someone who cares about me, even with  my flaws ! And in return, I love him more than anyone else I know.