More of my passion for creating art

angels at the Italian Cemetary

angels at the Italian Cemetary

One of my many attractions are cemetary angels. I have been doing lots of research and found out that they are mainly used in Catholic cemetaries and most of those being quite old….people buried prior to 1950. I went to a local  almost forgotten cemetary right in my own city, Concord, CA to photograph old graves etc. What I found out was 1) cemetary overgrown with weeds as tall as I am 2) some angels, some portraits of people on their headstones. I went on a foggy day and I think it really helped with the lighting.

Then one weekend, my husband, John and myself went over to Colma to the granddaddy of all cemetary angels sightings…the Italian Cemetary!

Oh my….so many to chose from; big, small, dramatic, tall, cherub like and more. Loved it! It was worth the trip over the bridge to photograph them.

Now I am figuring out how I would like to present them in my artwork. I am toying with idea of doing a gel medium transfer on fabric or in an altered book. I used the faux photoshop program on my computer to add the sepia or black and white to them. Enjoy!


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